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FRB Dirt Extractor

The FRB dirt extractor is used in both recycled and virgin fiber applications for sand separation. Typical applications include sand removal in stock preparation systems and sand separation from clay and other fillers in chip washing and cleaner plant rejects. Designed to handle high levels of contaminants, the FRB technology is ideal for cleaning recycled paper such as in DIP systems and contaminated systems.

Fixed to the bottom of the cleaner cone, is a discontinuous Fiber & Filler Recovery Box, our FRB-unit. The FRB Unit washes the rejects and separates good fiber from sand and grit. Accept fibers are flushed upwards through the center of the cone.

  • Cleaner Unit material: SS & Ceramic or High grade Plastic & Ceramic
  • FRB unit – Stainless Steel
  • Structure &Header: Stainless Steel
  • Minimized fiber loss
  • High wear resistant
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to maintain

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