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BTF™ Hydraulic Headbox with Dilution Profiling

The BTF™ Hydraulic Headbox System is designed to optimize the performance of all fourdrinier machines: low speed, high speed, light weight, heavy weight, single-ply, multi-ply, coated and uncoated. It is without parallel in its ability to develop tensile ratio, fiber orientation, and sheet formation. Our lamella-equipped nozzle design eliminates tiger stripes, for improved formation and sheet surface appearance. The added adjustability of our edge flow control can help optimize fiber orientation profiles for all flow conditions. The BTF Headbox is designed to assist in control of tensile ratios to optimize sheet strength.

The BTF™ Headbox System is comprised of three Modules: The Central Distributor; the Dilution Profiling Device; and the Headbox. Implementing just two of these Modules allows conversion of your existing conventional slice lip warping Headbox into a Consistency Profiling Headbox. This conversion permits independent control of CD basis weight and fiber orientation while providing exceptional dimensional sheet properties as well as energy savings. With almost 200 BTF systems in operation around the world, this modern technology has arrived.

  • Full 316L Stainless Steel fabrication (optional materials available)
  • Electro polished wetted parts
  • Durable, robust, proprietary hose materials and interior finish provide a service life of 10+ years
  • Zero recirculation required from the fan pump, alleviates +/- 10% flow load from your existing fan pump
  • Polycarbonate, graphite and CPVC lamellas available
  • Precise, repeatable adjustment on Headbox controls and dilution valves
  • Outstanding pulsation elimination capacity
  • Compact, highly effective and efficient dilution system
  • Excellent, narrow control of CD basis weight profile
  • Superior sheet edges
  • Wider saleable sheet potential
  • Fast grade change
  • Excellent control of fiber orientation
  • Excellent control of tensile ratio
  • Improve paper properties, formation, drainage and caliper
  • Exceptional flow range capability
  • Eliminates header recirculation from the fan pump
  • Greater grade mix/product mix capability
  • Improved CD control permits better CD caliper which can improve pressing and drying efficiency

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