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Gravity Foil Units

The hydrofoil unit is a dewatering device consisting of a stainless steel drainage box upon which a number of foil blades can be mounted. Normal practice is to install a number of units following the forming board, each one having the correct number of blades at the right pitch to suit the drainage conditions.

To deal effectively with the wide variety of conditions, GL&V manufactures a comprehensive range of standard units with different numbers of blades and blade spacing so that the optimum layout can be obtained for any given machine.

GL&V High Turbulence Hydrofoil Unit
Formation is improved if the fibres can be kept moving until the majority of the sheet is formed. Flocs are broken up and drainage paths through the web and forming fabric remain open. One method of achieving movement is to use close pitched blades so the stock receives a hydraulic pulse as it passes over each leading edge.

  • All units are made from corrosion resistant AISI 316L stainless steel.

GL&V Hydrofoil

  • Minimal deflection from internally stiffened rigid structure
  • Easy vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Units are designed to accept plastic or ceramic blades
  • Three basic body designs cover the full range of applications

GL&V’s High Turbulence Hydrofoil

  • Wide variety of blade combinations
  • Increased turbulence from close pitched blades 
  • Balance turbulence with optimum drainage

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