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TamScreen™ TS

The GL&V TamScreen™ technology is designed for fine screening of mechanical pulps and recycled fiber.

The GL&V TamScreen™ technology consists of a vertical main housing, with a V-belt driven heavy-duty shaft and bearing assembly with an advanced foil rotor. The standard inlet is axial on the top of the screen, with the accept chamber below, and the reject chamber below that. A conventional tangential entry is available as an option.

The axial entry provides perfectly uniform distribution of the inlet stock into the screening zone. It also eliminates the pressure drop associated with all conventional pressure screens with a tangential entry. The TamScreen equipment can actually produce a slight pressure gain from inlet to accept.

A key feature of the TamScreen system is the unique rotor design. Angled foils are used to encourage the movement of debris toward the reject, and in the middle of the rotor are internal vanes that move flow outward from the inside of the rotor. This flow comes partly from dilution that is injected inside the rotor, and partly from recirculated flow drawn from the bottom of the screening zone. This means that the normal thickening of the stock as it travels from the inlet toward the reject is eliminated, leaving a constant consistency throughout the lower portion of the screening zone. Capacity is improved while at the same time power consumption is decreased.

Flexibility in installation is provided by the ability to rotate the main housing to any of three positions relative to the motor.

For maintenance the axial top entry significantly reduces the overhead clearance required. Once the top cover is swung out of the way with the included top cover lifting device, the top of the machine is level with the top of the screen cylinder. The complete rotating assembly can easily be removed as a unit from the top.

  • Wetted parts construction of UNS S31603 (316L) or equivalent corrosion resistant steel
  • Standard design pressure rating: 500 kPa (75 psi). Higher pressure ratings available
  • Pressure range min. – max.: 100 – 500 kPa (15 – 75psi)
  • Low or no Feed-Accept pressure drop with axial inlet design
  • Mechanical Process Shaft Seal
  • V-belt with Guard Drive
  • Axial inlet prevents pressure loss through screen
  • Low power consumption
  • Axial entry design also reduces installation space requirements
  • Unique rotor design promotes good fiber and rejects separation

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