GL&V's 10th MagTrim™ System

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GL&V Finishing keeps rolling along with its 10th MagTrim™ System

Lenox Massachusetts: The tenth MagTrim™ Automatic Slitter Positioning system has been sold recently to the customer that has already purchased and installed three different systems in three different mills all making brown paper grades. The fourth system purchased was for a second system in a three machine mill to replace a competitor’s automatic system that has been installed and running for less than three years. These MagTrim Automatic Slitter Positioning systems continue to provide tremendous value and fast payback for our customers.

Some recent feedback from customers includes the following comments:

Incredible speed combined with unbelievable accuracy in a package designed specifically for reliability.”

This MagTrim™ system is a beautiful machine; you guys have the best equipment, hands down.”

In addition to its production benefits, one of the most important factors of this technology is safety. Operators no longer have to check slitter positions with tape measures and the new safety devices included with our systems minimize the operator engagement with one of the more dangerous operations of threading. The newest vertical arrangements provide “hands off” threading with the use of nip rollers, threading pans and air showers to bring the new parent roll tail from the lead in roll to the drum pocket safely.

The customer base has welcomed this technology advancement. We have six different companies all taking advantage of this game changing technology product.





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